Pricing + Services


Free 15 Minute Phone or Video Consultation

No charge: 15 minute phone or video consultation will give general information about your concern that has you considering counseling. At this point, if this is a concern that I am able to help you with, I will then schedule you for a 75-90 minute intake assessment and forms will be sent to you to begin filling out.

Intake Appointment

75-90 minute session: $140 — Intake session: during the intake session, all of the paperwork that was sent to you will be gone over and a full in-depth assessment will be completed. Upon completion of the assessment, it will be discussed in full if therapy with me will be helpful and within my scope. If not, I will provide referrals to qualified professionals. If this is a concern I am able to assist with, we will collaborate to develop a treatment plan, a guideline of goals and steps to help guide us in working with your concern. 

Subsequent Sessions

50 minute session: $120—Subsequent sessions: Begin actively working on your concerns and needs. 

Payments accepted

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express 

How Can I Pay For Therapy?


·     Self-pay allows you the highest degree of privacy. Records are not open to audit or transmittal to third parties such as insurance companies.

·     Self-pay allows for complete autonomy of treatment. Insurance companies do not have input as to treatable problems, length of treatment, or treatment modalities. 

·     Insurance coverage changes can cause disruptions to your therapeutic process.

·     Self-pay does not require a mental health diagnosis (see below information regarding diagnosis)


Perhaps you have insurance and but would like the freedom of choice. Out-of-network providers can be a good option.

Your insurance may reimburse you a portion of your self-pay cost for therapy.

***Insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed, please check with your insurance***

If you are interested in Out-Of-Network you should be aware of the following:

·     Insurance reimbursement will require a diagnosis

·     You may have to meet your deductible before they will reimburse

If you are interested in this option, please let me know ahead of time so that the proper documentation (diagnosis, detailed progress notes, treatment plans) can be entered. I will be happy to provide a “Superbill” for you to submit to your insurance company. 


I do offer a couple of slots each week for reduced fee sessions that I offer through the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective (for more information please visit If I do not have slots available, I am able to provide referrals to low-cost or in-network options in the area. 


I do not accept insurance as I feel that your confidentiality and freedom to choose your treatment option is of greater importance. Insurance companies require a diagnosis to help them determine how many sessions and the type of treatment they will pay for.  


In the spirit of full disclosure, implications for having a mental health diagnosis added to your health record are currently unknown.  Unfortunately, the current zeitgeist is a movement towards interconnected medical records; therefore, the most secure option for securing your treatment records is self-pay.