New Year, New You!

Feeling a bit blah with the holidays winding down? If you are like me, you probably spent the last month or so using a lot of energy, what with shopping, decorating, interacting with large groups of holiday shoppers, and family and friends. But it’s not over yet! New Years is just around the corner!

 Once all the holiday cheer evaporates, how do you regain balance in your mental health and your physical health?  Well, here are just a few tips you can do to kick start your healthy routines:

 Resume a healthy sleep pattern - sleep that is on a consistent schedule has tremendous benefits for both your mental and physical health. Sleep hygiene, or the practices that help you create a healthy, restful pattern of sleep are paramount in maintaining balance in your physical health and your mental health.

 Exercise – This is not just activity, this is intentional movement. Intentional movement burns off more than just those holiday cookies! It burns off excess adrenaline and helps release natural anti-depressants (endorphins). ***Please check with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine*****

 Get back to healthy eating – I am not saying you should only eat a salad or celery, but small changes in your diet can make big differences for the better. Add some green stuff to your plate!

 Drink water! Water makes your body work!

 So, this is not meant to be an exhaustive or in-depth list of tactics, but just a friendly reminder that your mood and your physical health is dependent on a few things you have every ounce of control over! 



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